2016 PRISM Flights


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  Flight ID    Site Info  
prm20160105tORCAS - TF01 (Test Flight)
prm20160107tORCAS - SWIR Calibration
ORCAS - TF02 (Test Flight)
prm20160111tORCAS - FF01 (Ferry Flight)
prm20160112tORCAS - FF02 (Ferry Flight)
prm20160115tORCAS - RF01 (Research Flight)
prm20160118tORCAS - RF02 (Research Flight)
prm20160121tORCAS - RF03 (Research Flight)
prm20160123tORCAS - RF04 (Research Flight)
prm20160125tORCAS - RF05 and RF06 (Research Flight)
prm20160130tORCAS - RF07 (Research Flight)
prm20160205tORCAS - RF08 (Research Flight)
prm20160208tORCAS - RF09 (Research Flight)
prm20160212tORCAS - RF11 (Research Flight)
prm20160218tORCAS - RF14 (Research Flight)
prm20160224tORCAS - RF17 (Research Flight)
prm20160225tORCAS - RF18 (Research Flight)
prm20160229tORCAS - RF19 (Research Flight)
prm20160301tORCAS - FF03 (Ferry Flight)
prm20160619tHangar Calibration
CORAL ORT 1 - Kaneohe Bay, O'ahu
prm20160620tCORAL ORT 1 - Kaneohe Bay, O'ahu
prm20160622tCORAL ORT 2 - Tarmac, Kaneohe Bay, O'ahu
prm20160623tCORAL ORT 3 - Kaneohe Bay, MOBY, Maui Kapalua, Molakai, HI
prm20160908tCORAL GBR - Lizard Island, Australia
prm20160909tCORAL GBR - Lizard Island, Cairns Calibration Site, Australia
prm20160914tCORAL GBR - Mackay, Australia
prm20160915tCORAL GBR - Mackay, Australia
prm20160916tCORAL GBR - Heron, Gladstone, Townsville Transect, Australia
prm20160917tCORAL GBR - Heron, Gladstone, Townsville Transect, Australia
prm20160918tCORAL GBR - Coral Sea, Townsville, Australia
prm20160919tCORAL GBR - Townsville, Australia
prm20160922tCORAL GBR - PRISM Health Check, Coral Sea, Australia
prm20160923tCORAL GBR - Mackay, Coral Sea, Australia
prm20160924tCORAL GBR - Coral Sea, Australia
prm20161005tCORAL GBR - PRISM Health Check, Townsville, Australia
prm20161006tCORAL GBR - PRISM Health Check, Townsville, Australia
prm20161011tCORAL GBR - Torres, Australia
prm20161012tCORAL GBR - Torres, Great Barrier Reef, Australia
prm20161013tCORAL GBR - Great Barrier Reef, Lizard Island, Australia
prm20161014tCORAL GBR - Lizard Island, Australia

If you would like a copy of the historic PRISM data, please contact Pantazis Mouroulis (zakos@jpl.nasa.gov), Robert Green (rog@jpl.nasa.gov), or Sarah Lundeen (sarah.r.lundeeen@jpl.nasa.gov) and we will place the data on an FTP site for you to download.

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