2014 PRISM Flights


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  Flight ID    Site Info  
prm20140107tGrand Junction Airport runway and wiggle test
prm20140113tSea Grass Lines 49-59
prm20140114tGrass to Reef Lines 16-26
prm20140116tAirport/Ortho and Long Key
prm20140118tSea Grass Lines 60 - 64
prm20140119tIsland and Grass to Reef Lines
prm20140122tGrand Junction Wiggle Test and Airport/Ortho Lines
prm20140416tAirport wiggle test, Fruita, Airport runway
prm20140419tHangar calibration (spectral/SWIR), Sea Side of Carpenteria and Long Beach
prm20140423tHangar calibration (spectral/SWIR)
prm20140428tHangar calibration (SWIR/spectral), Suisun Marsh
prm20140507tSuisun Marsh
prm20140929tAgua Hediona, Batiquitos, La Jolla, CA
prm20140930tSan Diego Bay, CA

If you would like a copy of the historic PRISM data, please contact Pantazis Mouroulis (zakos@jpl.nasa.gov), Robert Green (rog@jpl.nasa.gov), or Sarah Lundeen (sarah.r.lundeeen@jpl.nasa.gov) and we will place the data on an FTP site for you to download.

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