2012 PRISM Flights


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  Flight ID    Site Info  
prm20120508tIvanpah Playa, CA
prm20120510tTahoe Coast Guard, CA
prm20120721tFruita, CO
prm20120723tLab Calibration
prm20120724tLab Calibration on July 23, 2012
Elkhorn, Monterey Bay, CA flown on July 24, 2012
prm20120725tLab calibration, CAO line 1, Pinto Lake, Monterey Bay, Lovers Cove, CA
prm20120726tLovers Cove (collected on 20120725 local time), lab calibration

If you would like a copy of the historic PRISM data, please contact Pantazis Mouroulis (zakos@jpl.nasa.gov), Robert Green (rog@jpl.nasa.gov), or Sarah Lundeen (sarah.r.lundeeen@jpl.nasa.gov) and we will place the data on an FTP site for you to download.

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