2018 PRISM Flights


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  Flight ID    Site Info  
prm20180111tHyspIRI Hawaii Check Flight
prm20180116tTransit flight to Hawaii
prm20180117tTransit flight to Hawaii
prm20180118tHyspIRI Hawaii
prm20180126tHyspIRI Hawaii
prm20180129tHyspIRI Hawaii
prm20180130tHyspIRI Hawaii
prm20180201tHyspIRI Hawaii - Nighttime Mission
prm20180203tHyspIRI Hawaii - Nighttime Mission
prm20180206tHyspIRI Hawaii
prm20180208tHyspIRI Hawaii - Nighttime Mission
prm20180209tHyspIRI Hawaii
prm20180210tHyspIRI Hawaii
prm20180212tHyspIRI Hawaii
prm20180220tHyspIRI Hawaii - H3C Transit Return Flight
prm20180221tHyspIRI Hawaii - H3C Transit Return Flight (Cont.)

If you would like a copy of the historic PRISM data, please contact Pantazis Mouroulis (zakos@jpl.nasa.gov), Robert Green (rog@jpl.nasa.gov), or Sarah Lundeen (sarah.r.lundeeen@jpl.nasa.gov) and we will place the data on an FTP site for you to download.

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